Just how important is Facebook in 2017?  Considering there are over a BILLION daily users, engaging over 70% of all adult internet users (according to Pew Research), I’d say it’s pretty important!  But Facebook can also be a crowded place, so the goal of a marketer is to capture the attention of the over 80% of US social media users (Hubspot) who prefer to connect to their brands through Facebook.

Local real estate agents and agencies are in a particularly social media friendly industry.  A good local realtor has a robust network and a connection to the local community.  Facebook for realtors should be a natural extension, but many realtors don’t know where to start, while others seem to be playing darts in the dark!  Here are 5 Facebook tips that will help local realtors create more engagement and leads.


Reach Out into the Community

Individual agents should take the time to ‘friend’ as many locals as possible!  There’s no need to spam, simply send a friendly request, and keep network building until your posts are in every local user’s feed.

Most critically, agents and agencies should ask for reciprocal ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ from local businesses and community organizations.  Potential customers are more likely to engage with your services if you’re engaged with the local community.  We find that this aspect of ‘networking’ is often underutilized.  The more you’re around, the better chance potential buyers or sellers or going to seek you out when it’s their time.

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Unlikely from your iPhone

Professional Photos and Videos

Media grabs the attention of Facebook users in a way text never will.  However, it’s also very important that your media stands out in the right way.  The best agencies will have in-house media departments capable of producing clear and beautiful photos and videos of their properties, agents, and clients.

This is where your local network can come in handy.  Freelance or wannabe photographers are a dime a dozen.  Find one looking to build a personal brand and make a connection.  Local realtors and photographers can be a great professional match!

The alternative is to foot the bill for a good camera, or even a drone for those cool flyover shots!  Good news:  the cost of a good camera is falling.  Invest a little time in learning how to use it, and maybe take an online class in Photoshop, and you can produce your own content that can stand next to the work of the professionals!

Link to a Landing Page

Now that you’ve reached the feeds of local community users, and there are beautiful photos and videos of your listings getting attention, take advantage of these engaged users by linking your Facebook posts to well crafted landing pages, encouraging your new visitors to volunteer contact information.


Almost all of your marketing activities should have the objective of generating leads.  Social media should be no exception.

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Highlight your Clients

Encourage your buyers and sellers to post testimonials to your business page, and post happy pictures when possible (with permission, of course!)

Or, buy a stock photo

For a local realtor, posting pictures featuring local success is probably the preferred way to post, however, if your pictures don’t look professional, having a stock photo or two can be just as good.  Don’t post pictures with wrong names though!

And to emphasize one more time, testimonials are so important!  Not only will they highlight your successes, but they’ll bring you some SEO points!

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