In a world full of internet savvy customers, spending hours online researching potential destinations, marketers making use of inbound marketing techniques stand the best chance of success in a crowded market.  Inbound marketing draws customers in to targeted messaging at the time when the customer is looking to make a decision, and in this digital environment, traditional direct marketing techniques are just not enough.  Here are five inbound marketing techniques that can be utilized by the hospitality industry.



Customers are making use of search to research hotels for their vacation, or venues for their next event.  Incorporating likely keyword strings into a website can help customers easily find your properties.

“Hotels Near Newport”

“Unique Wedding Destinations”

“Inexpensive Rooms for Bon Jovi Concert”

Incorporate these keywords into website articles, or the titles of your website pages, and help the search engines find your business.


Showcasing compelling content about your properties can make a huge impression on your potential customers.  And the potential for content in the hospitality industry is endless!  Here are examples that not only contain popular keywords, but engage customers:

  • “Family Things to do in Boston”
  • “Best Portuguese Food in Fall River”
  • “Raise More Money at Your Next Fundraiser”

Within your blog post, link to your properties, and include calls-to-action that encourage customers to request more information about an event venue.

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Social Media

Pictures of hotel views, or video tours of the surrounding community provide great content for social media networks.  Professionally generated media is a must first step, but candid customer content can be just as, if not more, powerful.

Link out of your social media posts to your blogs or landing pages with a call-to-action.  Turn your social media engagement into leads for your sales team.

Email Marketing

It is always a good idea to reach out to your email subscription lists periodically throughout the year to showcase upcoming promotions, or execute a loyalty/rewards program.  Consider newsletters to community segmented lists that include upcoming events that may require an overnight stay, or tell a story about a successful community event at your next function.

Schedule personalized emails to follow up with customers to remind them that they used your services last year for an upcoming, recurring event.  Maximize the return on your well maintained email database.


Customer Feedback

One of the most critical factors in the buying process for prospective customers is an online recommendation.  Encourage customers to provide feedback and showcase these personal stories in every digital platform.

Generate automatic requests using your email marketing system.  Entice feedback with future discounts or random drawings.  Follow up quickly and decisively with customers that have had a less than positive experience.  Don’t be afraid to include a link to TravelAdvisor if you know things went great!

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