Diagnosing a Failed Social Media Strategy

Is your social media strategy failing to help your bottom line?   Nearly 3/4 of adults in this country are on Facebook.  More than 3/4 of Facebook users check Facebook DAILY.  You already know that.  I could also tell you that almost 3/4 of social media users who have a positive interaction with a brand […]


Beyond Your Website – Online Brand and Reputation

Your Digital Identity Managing your Online Brand You probably already have a website, and it may be a killer one! But there is a lot more to your online brand than just your website. Maximizing your online brand will help customers find you online and keep them engaged with your business, improving your customer retention […]


Characteristics of a High Converting Website

Do you have a high converting website? You’ve finally installed Google Analytics!  Or, you have a WordPress site (like ours),  and there is a little chart telling you how many people are coming by to visit.  Or, maybe you have a Google AdWords campaign up and running.  After shelling out a little cash to boost […]