You have a MailChimp account, and you send email, occassionally.  But, do you have an email marketing strategy?  Are you tracking your success with data?

Email Marketing is definitely still a thing

Email is still the preferred contact method at the office, and your customers are still receiving email on their mobile device.  To put it simply:  Email Drives Business!

South Coast Inbound can help you get set up with a long-term email marketing strategy.  Or we can help get you set up and kick off an email campaign.  Most importantly, you’ll be taking advantage of one of the highest delivering, cost-effective marketing techniques out there.  You’ll kick yourself for not getting started faster!

What we do:


Set Goals

What are the goals of your email marketing?

Sell a product?

Tell your customers about a new service?

Develop a quarterly newsletter to keep customers engaged with your company?

How much time do you have to invest in your email marketing (and how much can we do for you)?

You might just want to start off with one of these goals, or create a long-term strategy with many different goals.  But once you’ve set these goals, the steps to success are far more clear.  If you’re into it, we’ll help you learn a data-driven approach to monitoring your email campaigns and engagement.  Understanding your data will undoubtedly lead to better decisions for your whole business.

South Coast Inbound believes in setting SMART goals (Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Relevant – Time Bound).  Here’s a good introduction for SMART business goals.


active-campaign-email-marketing constant-contact-email-marketing


Email Marketing Platform Pairing

We prefer and use MailChimp, but there are many other email marketing platforms to consider.  Each platform has strengths and weaknesses.  Some will seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM or website.  Sometimes you don’t have a CRM so that doesn’t matter!  Some features that might matter to you:

  • Easy to use templates
  • Customer service
  • Scheduling features
  • Statistical testing
  • Cost

Good news:  We’ve used almost all of them!  So we can share our personal challenges and successes, while helping you select the correct provider.


Build Lists

Start off quickly by exporting all of your customer data and import this data into your email marketing platform.  These customers should already want to hear from you.  And having permission to send email is an important consideration.  Federal law protects consumers from SPAM.  So while it’s likely that you can send bulk email to your current and former customers, you always need to give them the opportunity to opt-out.

Email list building is a long-term project, and every business should be in the business of adding emails to their distribution lists.  We’ll get you into the habit of constantly asking the permission of everyone you meet to add them to your email list.

Researching and developing email lists takes time.  Time to prospect for important email addresses, and time to convince them to opt in.  But there are other, more automated techniques to consider.  We can integrate opt-in boxes into your website, or help you generate lead magnets (special offers or information) that will encourage prospective customers to enter email addresses directly into your lists.

Read more about the Federal CAN-SPAM Act here.


As you improve your list and database building, you’ll also improve your ability to target your campaigns.  Certain customers are only interested in certain services, and maybe more likely to unsubscribe if sent the wrong message.  Having the right platform and guidance will make a ton of difference in this process.



Campaign Design and Content

We’ve built entire businesses on the backs of email campaigns, so we know how to design an email that generates interest and business!

But, modern platforms are super easy to use.  Drag and drop builders are the norm.  If you already have design experience, we can help guide design decisions that help customers act.  A properly designed email will flow to encourage a customer action, such as a click on a button taking them to your lead generation page.

Content is King!  You know more about your business than we ever will.  But we can help take that knowledge and generate the appropriate content.  Consider different content and design options for different email campaigns:

  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Product launches
  • Sales or special offers
  • Event invitations

At the start of the process, we met to establish SMART goals for your email campaign.  These goals will drive the ultimate direction we take with your email design and content.

When should you send your email?  That’s another conversation…


Deep-Dive Data Analysis

Your opens and clicks are just the beginning.  Are your emails generating results?  Are they meeting your SMART goals?

Part of the battle is getting an open.  Getting a click is definitely important.  But the SMART goal of your campaign is more likely an event sign-up, or a product consultation, and ultimately a sale.

And who just never opens your emails?  Is it time to kick them off the list?  Or is it time to send them a note to ask them to give you feedback on what types of emails they would be more likely to interact with?

Our expertise will go a long way in helping you make sense of the statistics that are generated after your campaign has gone out!



If you’re email marketing is failing to deliver, or if you aren’t really paying much attention to email…

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