Everybody’s talking about SEO and even hiring employees to deliver.  But what is SEO, and how can we help?

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

Inbound marketing is all about drawing potential customers to your business.  How do customers find goods or services in 2017?  For many, it’s as simple as a Google search.  SEO incorporates a number of tools and processes that help your business come up during that search.

South Coast Inbound can provide you with an SEO roadmap, and walk you through the key steps to success.  Or, we can take the reins and get you ranked higher ourselves!  Each business will require different approaches and solutions.  We have ranked pages at the top of Google search pages, and we’ve had successful, local SEO results.  In all cases, we will work with you to formulate strategic short and long term goals, and provide the correct SEO implementation to achieve these goals.  Most importantly, our track record of success makes us an excellent partner.

Here are the critical phases of our SEO roadmap:


Industry Research

Industry research involves looking at what successful companies are doing in your industry as well as target market analysis.  Because every industry is different, your strategy will likely differ from the SEO strategy of a different sized business, in a different geography, selling to a different demographic.  Do you have the time or resources to stay on top of industry research?  Let us help!

Snapshot Assessment

Conducing a comprehensive review of your current online presence helps inform our SEO strategy.  The snapshot also helps our team establish benchmarks to gauge future improvements or failures.  This review not only includes your current website, but also your social media accounts and anything online that references your business.  You can start by entering your business name into Google.  You may be surprised by what you find out (sometimes pleasantly, other times…)!

Keyword Research

When prospective customers search for a good or service in your industry, what words or phrases do they type into Google?  Is your business effectively utilizing these keywords?  Keywords are always a good starting point for an SEO strategy.  These words and strings will serve you not only in your content creation but also in your paid advertising if you choose to go that route.  Unfortunately, you need to stay on top of your keyword strategy, because the important keywords may change as customer behavior changes.

A great free resource for your own keyword research is the Google Adwords Keyword Planner.  Check it out here.


Website X-Ray

There are a number of areas within the code and content of your website that need to be addressed in order for search engines to find your business.  We’ll dig right in and make sure the skeletal HTML structure of your website is optimized.  This includes a review of your <title>, <h1,> and <meta> tags, particularly your <meta description> tag.  Other important considerations are your image names <alt> tags.

Try Google Webmaster Tools, a free resource to test your site and correct issues that may affect search.

Content Marketing

As search engines become smarter, your services and articles or blogs become more critical to your SEO strategy.  Good content utilizes the correct keywords and subject matter, along with some strategic HTML assistance, but also a balance of these factors that don’t cause negative search engine response.  Content marketing is an ongoing factor in SEO.  We can get you started or manage your content over the course of a longer term relationship.

Traditionally, optimized content has been short, and full of keywords.  Now, Google search is favoring longer-form content with more organic use of keywords.  Become an expert in keeping up with SEO content trends on your own, or just keep in touch with South Coast Inbound!

Link Building

Search engines rank your site higher when other sites link to your business.  Building these online relationships takes some time, both in targeting the right online directories, but also in developing personal relationships with customers or other businesses that can refer to your business.  You are probably already thinking about easy linking solutions that you can act on today.  We’ll do the rest!


Social Media

Many potential customers engage with businesses and brands via Facebook or Instagram exclusively.  Maximizing your social media presence goes hand in hand with your website in developing your total online presence.  You need to make sure your brand presence is consistent in each online forum.  Do you have time to maintain all of your social media accounts throughout the day?  We can help you decide on an automation strategy, and help you develop a posting calendar.  There is a lot to consider with each social media platform.  Each caters to a different type of post and engagement strategy.  It’s good to have a partner like South Coast Inbound to guide you!

Link Building and Social Media go together!  Your social media posts should link to your website, and you should have social media sharing capability on your website.  But these links should be part of a planned flow.  For example, a social media post about your pizza specials for the summer should link to your pizza ordering or promotion page.

Local SEO Expertise

Since you own a small business and have local customers, we’ve become experts in local SEO!  We know our way around Google My Business and Yelp.  Local SEO methods are so important for a local business.


SEO should play a part in your business strategy.  But, you don’t need to make a hire to stay on top of it.

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