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Local SEO Services for Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut Small Businesses​

Local customers use search engines, Google Maps, and directories like Yelp to find products or services. By optimizing your business for search (SEO), your business will come up for the right searches and attract more visitors. Our Local SEO Services involve some of the most cost effective digital marketing strategies that you need to be prioritizing.

Please remember it’s not always about ranking #1 in a Google Search! It’s about getting the right type of traffic, from the right searches, in the right areas (close to your business). We promise that our focus will not be on a ranking but on tangible results that we can measure and affect your bottom line.


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How it works

Local SEO Strategies

Customers are trying to find your business online. Fortunately Google understands that customers want to find businesses ‘near them.’ With a little work, and our Local SEO Services, your business will gain more online traffic, resulting in more store visits and sales.


Google Business Profile

The free platform giving your business tools for better performance in Google searches


Review Strategy

Get important customer feedback and show potential customers how well you've done.


Website SEO

Technical improvements to your website along with local keywords for max exposure.



Your online visibility is enhanced by references to your business from across the web.



Uploading high quality images of your business for more impressions and clicks


Landing Pages

Pages with specific language designed to draw search traffic from targeted cities/towns

Local SEO Services

Frequently Ask Questions

Local SEO Services are designed to help businesses that rely on local customers. If you're getting your electric standby generator serviced, you want a local electrician. A Google search for that service is going to return local electricians and generator service technicians.

Similarly, you might be looking for pizza delivery, a chiropractor near you, or an art supply store. Google is going to prioritize local businesses for these searches. 

Local SEO Services work when your business shows up higher in those types of searches. 

A search for 'art supplies' works differently, because you can buy art supplies online. Product and ecommerce SEO strategies are a little different since location doesn't matter as much.

And a search for 'which paint brush is best for oil paints' would likely result in a piece of helpful content.

Local SEO requires local customers. That's the main difference. 

Because Google is interested in local customers, location is one of the most critical factors. If I'm in a chiropractor office, and I search for a chiropractor, chances are the number one result will be the office I'm in.

But obviously the closest result isn't always the best result, so there are other factors. Quality is one of the most important. Google often measures quality with online reviews. Google assumes businesses with more reviews probably do a lot of business, so the number and quality of those reviews are very important in a Local SEO strategy.

And there are other, more technical factors to consider. How does Google know what your business does? How does Google know where you're located? You teach Google these things by completing your Google Business Profile, and having your address and a map on your website.

Without question, if you are close enough geographically, you have good reviews, and Google knows who you are, you have the best chance to do well in Google Local Search.

Sorry, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. 

In a nutshell, SEO attempts to maximize your results from Google searches.

Generally speaking, SEO is ORGANIC - which means you don't pay for it, but because there are so many ads in Google searches, having paid ads will be an important part of a complete SEO strategy. 

In many cases, if you just do a good job with your business, customers will give you good reviews and Google will figure out that you're the right business to show in searches.

But if you're a new business or you're in a competitive market, Local SEO strategy can take time to implement.

And there are advanced strategies to help your business rank and perform outside of your immediate area.

So if you don't have the expertise or the time, you need your Local Marketing Experts to give you a hand!

We have a great track record.

We're local.

And because we're small business owners, we know how to speak to a small business owner in terms they can understand.

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Our Process

Google has given us the tools, now all we need to do is execute. A lot of local companies offer Local SEO Services, but South Coast Inbound brings expertise and a track record of success. 

Competitor Research & Strategy

Technical Website Optimization

Keyword Research & Budgeting

Reviews & Conversion Optimization

Analytics & Tracking


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The above image is of REAL LOCAL SEO SERVICES RESULTS! When we say we can do Local SEO, we mean it! Imagine paying for a service for a few months and seeing results like those above. Imagine doubling the traffic to your profile, or attracting more website visits or calls. Of course over time this will improve your bottom line. 

Want to learn more about how our Local SEO Services have benefitted local businesses in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut?

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