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A Digital Marketing Agency for Rhode Island Businesses

It’s easy to find a high-priced digital marketing agency from New York or California. But what happens when you miss an email or don’t have time for a Skype call? Having someone local can make all the difference. We live in Swansea, so we understand Rhode Island, and setting up a face-to-face meeting is easy.

We use digital marketing technologies to solve your business marketing challenges. And our experts have 15 years of digital experience. We’ve built and ranked websites and content, social media networks, and handled massive email marketing lists. But most importantly, we’ve used these platforms to drive business, to build national brands. South Coast Inbound is the local choice for those looking for digital marketing agencies in Rhode Island.

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Our digital marketing methods are modern, data-driven and cost-effective. Our approach? Personal.

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Rhode Island Small Business​

Providence is the capital of Rhode Island and one of the oldest cities in the USA. Historically a hub for the textile and jewelry industries, Providence has become so much more.

Today, Providence has a thriving healthcare industry. And Providence is home to a number of highly regarded educational institutions. 

Providence has become one of the top restaurant cities in the world in recent years. With top corporatons like CVS, Hasbro, and Lifespan calling the Providence region home, there’s no shortage of business-to-business opportunities.

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What we DO

We're In Rhode Island​

South Coast Inbound is a digital marketing agency serving local businesses in Providence, Fall River, New Bedford, Newport, Hartford, and many other nearby communities. We are located in Warren, and we specialize in local small business, providing a range of digital marketing services:


Search Engine Optimization to help you maximize your results from search.

Website Design

Websites optimized for mobile, speed, search, and conversions.

Social Media

Establish a digital community of lifetime customers and brand ambassadors.

Digital Content

Content that drives traffic or social shares. Blogs, articles, or video.

Email Marketing

Consistent engagement with a focus on deliverability and automation.

Paid Digital Advertising

Using data to target potential customers and drive them to your business.

Serving Rhode Island & Southern New England

We started because we know most small business owners don’t have the time to stay on top of the latest digital trends.

But we also hoped to better serve small businesses who often fall prey to predatory high-priced agencies. These agencies promise top Google rankings, and huge Instagram followings. But they rarely deliver. Because they don’t understand the customer or the region.

It’s this impersonal approach we avoid at South Coast Inbound. You can have an expert digital marketing agency near Providence that cares about your local business.

Why Choose us

Our Process.

We take the time to understand you, your business, your products/services, and your customers. We do this first with a free consultation. Then, we’ll create strategies to solve your most pressing challenges. Each individual business we work with operates a little differently, as we favor a personalized approach.

One of our goals is to help your small business make data-driven decisons. It’s not as hard as it sounds. We are certifed in Google Analytics, and can walk you through the basics. Ultimately we want to help you track all of your marketing activities, and advertising expenditures. You’ll be armed with the data you need to improve what you do now, and plan for the future.

Because we specialize in local small businesses, Google My Business will be a central part of our strategy. We’ll also look to optimize your online presence at other directories like Bing Places and Yelp. The objective is to help your small business put your best foot forward online.

We want to help you make the most of your existing customer base. This includes a thorugh evaluation of your email lists and social media engagement. You already know the value of positive word-of-mouth. Let’s take that knowledge and apply it to your online marketing strategy.

Many companies are starting to consider hiring digital marketing specialists. Why make an expensive hire and incur all of the employee expenses that go along with that decision? By partnering with South Coast Inbound, you get a local digital marketing expert, without the overhead.

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"I have known Pat for several years as a client and friend. Two things that characterize his client service: "drop everything" response to client requests; and, quick, marketable solutions to questions ("Help, I'm stuck."). Give him a chance. You won't be sorry. BTW, I am a CPA and have an accounting and financial services consultancy."