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Social Media Management

Almost 3.5 billion people social media users in the world. This is actually more than 3/4 of all internet users! For many people, their social media accounts IS the internet! South Coast Inbound has had success generating real return from social media marketing, for clients large and small. 

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Our brand at South Coast Inbound is LOCAL. We only work with small to medium sized businesses in the Fall River, New Bedford, Providence and surrounding Southern New England Communities. While any large consulting firm can manage your Google Advertising, we'll actually come in to get to know your business, understand your financial challenges, and take the time to explain our processes in person. 

And, in 2019, digital marketing tools are more affordable and accessible. We leverage these tools to help keep your budget to run google Ads affordably.

Whether you want to stick to a strictly organic social media strategy or you're ready to make an investment in paid social media advertising, South Coast Inbound can help your local business succeed! Most importantly, we'll help you 'buy in' to the concept that Social Media Marketing is a worthwhile channel for your business and a vital part of your overall marketing.

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Besides having a roster of home owners and local community groups , Facebook also has an amazingly effective paid platform.

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Your audience is on Instagram. It's the fastest growing network and features strongly connected communities.

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A LinkedIn account is essential for any business looking to improve their B2B lead generation, or present themselves as an attractive option for recruiting.

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While Twitter can be a tough nut to crack for marketers, it's an amazing platform for your content and your targeted, well-educated audience.

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Pinterest is an amazing visual social media network with a loyal, sharing audience, and an improving platform for paid advertising.

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Video tells a story as good or better than any other medium, and your video content can easily be adapted to other networks.


Proven Strategies to Getting You Amazing Returns

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The Right Network for the Right Customer

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Creating and Sharing Highly Engaging Content

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Data Driven Strategy Using Social Media Analytics

Developing Communities of Highly Engaged Customers, Brand Ambassadors and Referral Resources

Our Processes

  • Analytics and Strategy
  • Creative Development
  • Audience Engagement
  • Targeted Audience Building
  • Content Mix and Calls to Action
  • Budgeting, Targeting and Remarketing

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